Playing the game Jackpot 6000 is more easy now and this is our game  a kind of slot game. But the prize is won maximum 6000 coins in this game. You should only determine, choose the amount of money which you play to win the prize. You can determine the amount of money or  you can play maximum  offer  with maximum play choice.

When you win the game, the lines on the casino table flash.The flashing lines  show that you win. After  this showing  you can play heads or tails game with risking a half of your prize. When you risk a half of your prize, the heads or tails game start. When you win the heads or tails, you win twice as much prize which you have risked. As long as you win the heads or tails, you can play more heads or tails and win more prize.

If you don’t want to go on heads or tails, you can draw back  and take  your prize. We offer you below a free flash jackpot 6000 game that you can play as a triing game Jackpot. After this game you can join online casino site to gain more with real money and you can enjoy  winning – earning money.