The game of slots in addition to providing great entertainment, allows us to get a boat simply important, pudiéndonos strategies and recurrent forget playing skills. Currently you can find a wide variety of slots, which could divide them into 2 groups: basic and progressive. Slots online behave the same way as real ones, so the user does not find greater difficulty in betting. Multiline online slots are those in which only enable the lines to which you bet.

In these slots the user will decide to play online or lines. It is necessary to clarify that they only give the boat more if the bettor you were playing all the lines as long as the combination of symbols that is raffled out the code for the winner. On several occasions, online slots are connected, thus providing a progressive jackpot. The award of these slots is great since they grow every lost bet by users.

Flat or common slots are independent. The amount of money that they give depends solely on that slot. This is based taking into account the pay table. In these online slots the jackpot is always fixed. In slots with bonuses for this gift is necessary that the machine aligns a given set of symbols. These bonds give the possibility to access many major awards. In some cases these bonds are activated simply by a given symbol.

In addition to the slots described above, it is possible to play the multiplier. A common multiplier slot offers a payment which the prize will depend on the commitment to make. Multiple bonds, unlike the previous ones, only add an amount of money pre-determined, provided the bettor made ​​his move the maximum number of coins. For example, if the maximum number to bet is 3 coins to play a bettor manages to get 50 coins. With 2 gets a prize of 100 coins. On the other hand if you bet 3 coins on the bonus will have access to and can get 1000 coins. We also have the ability to play online slots for free.