Casino is one of the strategy games. You can play how you have planned and it is a logic game in which you must think the moves of the other player and you need empathy.

Today we want to explain to you how you can play Roulette. First of all you must join one of the site in which you can play roulette. There are these sites on rights our site for you. You can join which you want. After you have experience with unreal – virtual money and understand the game, then you can play with real money. Roulette is a table game. There is a wheel and there are 37 pockets on this wheel . Thin that you have chips, which you buy with money and there are colured. Every colour have worth and price on table. We know this worth as chips.

You choose the chip, the betting option, and push forward. And then you wait for the other players attack. Or you can play with machine, in this case you are the only player on table. You must guess and select one of the pocket , where the ball will stop. 37 numbered pockets may be too much for you, but you can increase your chance with increasing your chip’s worth. We offer for you an example free online roulette game. You can try it, and have experience. Good luck for you to win more money.