Users online slots before playing in them should know the jargon that is managed around the entertainment. In this article we list some of the words most used in the game of slots.

Bet Max – This is the bet to be done if the player wants to access the largest boat in case you win.Pot – The money that the slot has to offer as a prize.

Progressive Jackpot – Refers to the prize. This boat is in constant increase for each of the bets that players lose.

Hold – This is the difference between money earned and the bet.

Bonus Game – Refers to the mini games video slots. They allow access to various bonuses.

Game Winner – Given a certain combination of symbols.

House Edge – This term refers to the edge between the real benefit given to the players and the payment of benefits is the house itself.

Percentage of payment – One of the most important words. It refers to the percentage rate of payment that takes place slot. Such reimbursement determines which is the percentage by which the game makes the payments. To get a better understanding of this term is advisable to play in some casinos free slots online usually offer.

Percentage of award – is the payment relating to a gain determined by the slot. It is because many online slot clear that present a very high percentage of prize, but it could keep a percentage of reduced payment.

Payout – This is where you describe the information regarding the benefits and payments slots.

Multiline online slots – These are characterized by multiple paylines.

Video slots – class slots is currently being developed in which the player has the ability to play through a computer, you can forget the classic roller mechanized.

The terms described above are just some of the most used in the world of slots. While this game does not have complicated rules and is very simple to play, it is desirable that the bettor knows the vocabulary in order to carry out a much more pleasant and entertaining.